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Please note that both Pavilion Pools are closed 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM, Monday – Friday when Scott County Schools are in session which begins August 8th, 2018. In addition the pools close 1 hour earlier than the rest of the facility daily.



In Aquatics, we offer water fitness, swim lessons, a variety of aquatic training opportunities such as Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instructor, and special events.  Many programs are offered at the Pavilion, Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center (SFAC), and even on our natural resource, Elkhorn Creek. Pool parties and pool rentals for Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center may be reserved by contacting Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center or Bronson Williams. More information about rentals is located Here.  We strive to provide recreational, fitness, and instructional opportunities for our community.  Come dive in, the water is Fine!

Water Fitness Classes

Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging is a fun and engaging aquatic cardio experience; it is a high intensity, low impact exercise.


Monday and Thursday, 7:40pm

July 8 – August 15, 2019


Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center


  • Shar Golding

Aqua Zumba®

Known as the Zumba® “pool party,” the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba class. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, the Aqua Zumba class blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief! Water shoes are highly recommended.


Monday & Friday, 8:00am


The Pavilion Pool


Aquatic Tai Chi

Aquatic Tai Chi focuses on movement, range of motion, and balance while calming down and relaxing. This is a great class for people who are recovering from injury or want to balance their chi.


Saturday, 8:30am

May 25 – June 29, 2019




  • Brad Wells

Water Aerobics

Start your day with a warm water workout in a friendly atmosphere! This class is taught on a moderately high level with encouragement for each participant to “listen to their body” and exercise accordingly. When done on a regular basis this workout can increase cardiovascular endurance, improve balance, strengthen the upper and lower body, improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and mobility as well as relieve stress. In water there is less traumatic impact to ones joints. Both pools are used and non-swimmers are welcome.


Monday – Thursday, 9:00am




  • Susan & June


ARC Lifeguard Training Course

This course provides prospective lifeguards with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep patrons safe in and around the water. It teaches them how to prevent, recognize, and respond to an emergency. this program includes First Aid, AED, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.


Class Details:

  • 300 Yard Swim Freestyle or Breaststroke (any combination)
  • 2 Minute Tread Water – Hands in Armpits
  • Timed Brick Retrieval: Start in Shallow End of Lap Pool, Swim About 20 Yards, Dive 7-10 Feet Deep, Retrieve 10 Pound Brick, Resurface, Swim Back to Wall Using Legs Only, and Exit Water Within 1:40 (One Minute, Forty Seconds)
  • Be at least 15 years of age.


For more information please call (502) 863-7865. Must have a least 4 students registered. Attendance is required at all of the scheduled classes.

Lifeguard-Try It Out

Are you thinking about becoming a lifeguard? Lifeguard-Try It Out gives you a chance to see whether you can pass the physical requirements to take the American Red Cross Lifeguard Course without spending the money. FREE with daily admission or membership to the pavilion. Participants must register at the Pavilion, over the phone (502) 863-7865, or online.


Prerequisites Include:

  • 300 yard swim (any combination of breaststroke and freestyle).
  • 2 minute water tread (hands in armpits).
  • Timed brick retrieval: start in water, sprint 20 yards, dive 7-10ft deep, retrieve 10lb. Brick, resurface, swim back to wall holding brick using legs only.

SCUBA Diving Course

SCUBA Diving Course allows participants to obtain a new skill which will allow them to see the water from a whole new perspective. Participants will need to fill out a medical questionnaire before registering for the course. If participants have checked off any items on the medical questionnaire, they will need to receive signed clearance from a doctor before participating in the course. For more information, contact Bronson at (502) 863-7865.


Personal Training and Swim lessons

Personal Training and Swim lessons must be paid for before each class or session at The Pavilion front desk. It is against policy to pay any personal trainer or instructor directly.  In keeping with the ever-changing world of swimming and fitness, the American Red Cross and the United States Swimming Association have teamed up to bring a fresh, new multi-level program to the public. Each person’s skills will be assessed the first day to ensure proper placement.


Weather Policy
If Scott County schools are cancelled due to weather, the Pavilion swim classes will be cancelled as well. Classes will be rescheduled as necessary. Saturday classes will be cancelled as the weather dictates. Please call (502) 863 – 7865 30 minutes prior to class to check for cancellations.


Refund Policy
Class space is limited therefore refunds are allowed in the case of doctor’s recommendations or extreme circumstances due to family illness, etc. There is a $5 administrative fee for all refunds or credits applied to an account.


Water Babies & Toddlers (Ages 6 months – 3 years)

This is an interactive class between parent and child in the pool. This class will introduce the child to the aquatic environment; kicking and arm movements; correct holding techniques; and lots of FUN!


Preschool Aquatics Program (Ages 3 – 5 years)

The program consists of three levels that promote developmentally appropriate learning of fundamental water safety and aquatic skills consisting of water entry and exit’ breath control and submersion, floating, changing direction and positions, treading water, swimming on the front and back as well as water safety skills in every level.


Level I – Introduction to Water Skills (Approximately 6 years of age and up)

This is a water exploration course. Participants will learn breath control by blowing bubbles and submerging their face. they will practice body position on their front and back while increasing their comfort and independence. They will also learn arm and leg movements for the front and back crawl. Water safety rules such as, “Always swim with a buddy in a supervised area”, will be discusses, as will life jacket safety.


Level II – Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Participants will learn rhythmic breathing and how to retrieve objects while fully submerged. they will learn combined arm and leg motions on the front and the back as well as how to move their legs alternately on the side. They will learn to roll over front – to – back and back – to -front and how to tread water. Students will review the water safety rules from Level I and discuss new topics, including how to enter the water safely in a pool or open water, how to recognize and emergency, and how to get help.


Prerequisites: completion of Level I or Preschool Level II or demonstration of prior skills requirements.


Level III – Stroke Development

This class will work on technique for the front and back crawl strokes and will introduce the butterfly kick and body motion. Students will learn to tread water for 30 seconds and begin learning head-first entries. they will work on rotary breathing. Your child will learn how to dive safely and what to do in an emergency. This is a great place to begin learning competitive swimming techniques.


Prerequisites: completion of Level II or Preschool Level III or demonstration of prior level skills requirements.


Level IV – Stroke Development

This level will improve students’ front crawl and back crawl, and introduce them to the breaststroke and elementary breaststroke. they will also become more proficient with the butterfly and will begin to learn the side stroke. Participants will continue to improve their diving skills. In addition to general water safety, the students will learn how to perform a throwing assist and how to care for a conscious choking victim.


Prerequisites: completion of Level III or demonstration of prior level skills requirements.


Level V – Stroke Refinement

Students will learn how to perform a long shallow dive as well as surface dives. they will begin to learn flip turns on the front and back. Students will build their endurance for all of the major strokes and finish learning the sidestroke. They will also focus on survival swimming and rescue breathing.


Adult Beginners

Water adjustment and basic swimming skills such as floating, kicking, and arm movements are the focus. This class is for 15 years and up.


Private Swim Lessons

Sometimes we all need a little extra help. Private swimming lessons allow the student to progress at their own rate and meet individual goals. Classes meet for 30 minutes and are offered in a six class format. Scheduling is coordinated with the pool schedule by the instructor and with the student’s availability in consideration.


Private Lesson Guidelines include a 4 hour cancellation policy and an 8-week completion time frame. Students can begin at the age of 3 years to adults. You can start by contacting the Aquatics office at (502) 863-7865.

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