Vision Statement

To be the state leader in promoting community health and well-being through fun, progressive and memorable parks and recreation experiences and activities for everyone.

Team Members

Sherri Nicholas

502-863-7865 x 1104


Robin M. Allen

Assistant Director
502-863-7865 x 1102


Julie Wash

Office Manager
502-863-7865 x 1103


Vickie Miller

Assistant Office Manager
502-863-7865 x 1104


Larry Brandenburg

Park Maintenance Manager
502-868-5101 x 4102

Michael Woolums

Assistant Park Maintenance Manager
502-868-5101 x 4101


Bill Parker

Facility Maintenance Manager
502-863-7865 x 1110


Mike Short

Assistant Facilities Maintenance Manager
502-863-7865 x 1111


Mary Franey

Pavilion Recreation Manager, Interim
502-863-7865 x 1106

Ednal Maynard

Recreation Manager, Director of Ed Davis Learning Center
502-867-5846 x 2101


Kimberly Rice

Marketing and Special Events
502-863-7865 x 1109


Lilly Caudill

Assistant Aquatics Manager
502-863-78645 x 1106

Call (502) 863-7865 to speak with our director or submit the form for information about our parks and recreation services.