GEORGETOWN-SCOTT COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION

                                                                    July 15, 2016


MEMBERS PRESENT:          Ben VanMeter                       Ursula McIntyre

                                                DT Wells                                 Jaime Kumar         

                                                Mary Singer

                                                Russ Fendley


OTHERS PRESENT:               Bill Parker                               Sherri Nicholas                                                      

Robin Allen                           Mary Franey                          Donna Brandenburg

Julie Wash                             Gary Power

                                                Vicki Miller                            


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Ben VanMeter called July 2016 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

II. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:    A motion was made by Mary Singer to accept the minutes of the June meeting as presented.  Seconded by Jaime Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.

III.  BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Julie reported that the balance on hand is $574,022.22.  The balance on hand this date last year was $381,033.29. 

IV.  BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Julie gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  A motion was made by Russ Fendley to approve the bills.  Seconded by Jaime Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.


  1. FLSA – Sherri presented a spreadsheet with information on the different options available to comply with the FLSA new final overtime rule.  She requested the information to be reviewed by the board to be discussed at the next board meeting.  Mary requested average annual & average weekly overtime hours/earned comp. time hours. No action taken.


  2. Verizon Fleet Works Information – Sherri presented information on Verizon Fleet Program.  Cost would be $18.95 per month per vehicle.   A Verizon representative will present the plan at next board meeting for the board to ask questions.


  3. Approval of Mower Purchases – Capital Budget Purchase of two mowers was approved. State Contract pricing. Bevin’s Hustler Mower and Equipment Sales Skagg Mower.



  4. Approval of Vehicle Purchases – Capital Budget Purchase of two vehicles -Silverado 2500 $26,391.00 and F150 4W Drive $25,292.00.  State Contract pricing. They will need final approval which Sherri will get at next council & fiscal court meeting.


  5. Pavilion Vending Contract – It is time to advertise for new Vending Machine Contract.



  6. Organizational Chart Proposed Change – Sherri recommended changing the Organizational Chart back to have Parks Maintenance & Facility manager to report to the Director instead of the Assistant Director.  Jaime Kumar suggested our youth sports boards need to be on an Organizational Chart.  An Organizational Chart with the youth sports falling under the Parks board was suggested by Jaime.  Sherri will work on a separate chart for youth sports.     Russ Fendley made a motion to approve to accept revised Organizational Chart as proposed, DT Wells seconded with the addition of separate Organizational Chart for the youth sports programs, the motion carried unanimously.


  7. Directors Report – We are included in the Incentive packages through the Chamber of Commerce for new business in the community that will state we are the recommended fitness facility of choice.  Sherri is still working on the vandalism and theft report.  It was suggested by Russ that the Youth sports group should presentations at Parks Board meetings.  The Horsepark contract was signed. The Mayor and David Livingston are working with Sherri on the fire damage insurance claim at the Old Suffoletta Pool building. We have discovered that we cannot insure property since we are not the owner.  Effective July 15, 2016 the insurance on structures have been transferred to the city.  We will only have to insure the contents. The county has already been insuring their parks property.   We will work with the Auditor to find solutions to various issues with the youth sports programs. Jaime voiced concerns of people holding tournaments that are not for SCYB and also not renting the fields through the Parks Department.  People should not be personally profiting by holding tournaments on Parks property.  Mary questioned the parking fee when tournaments are being held.   Park patrons just inform at the gate that they are not there for games and are admitted in.   Russ requested that a tennis court at Brooking Park to be used for Pickle Ball.  Sherri will investigate if multiuse of the courts is possible or if changes will be needed to accommodate Pickle Ball it will have to be discussed with Judge Lusby.   


  8. Pavilion/Program Report- Robin Allen presented Pavilion and Program Reports. Pavilion recovery rate 152%.  Robin also presented Ed Davis report.



  9. Maintenance Reports – Gary Power stated Ed Davis Basketball Court done.  Youth softball had theft in their concession building, wind damage at several parks, still repairing trails and bridges due to rain.  Oxford park has a couple of new features.  Bill Parker – Pavilion getting ready for shutdown.  Participated at Scroggins health fair, Fireworks Banner, Treadmill repair, Russ inquired on life of equipment.  New iPod connections are not available. DT Wells inquired if we are participating in Finley 5k, we have talked to them and can furnish some water, some free passes.  Major contract work at shutdown will be slide steps. Gary acknowledged Ben for helping with setting up the tent for a softball tournament.     


  10. Salvation Army Clothing Drive – September 23rd and 24th at Pavilion.  Clothing and small goods will be accepted.



  11. SFAC –   Mary Singer motioned effective July 19, 2016 SFACpass will be ½ off, seconded by Ursula McIntyre, motion passed unanimously.


  12. Executive Session – Mary Singer motioned to go into executive session to discuss potential litigation and personnel issues, Jaime Kumar seconded.  DT Wells to take notes.  Mary Singer motioned to follow Rand Marshall’s advice and take no action on litigation football issue Jaime Kumar seconded motion passed.



VI.  ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by Mary Singer to adjourn.  Seconded by Jaime Kumar.