GEORGETOWN-SCOTT COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION

                                                                    October 19, 2015


MEMBERS PRESENT:           Erik Flaig                             Ben VanMeter

                                                Bob Leonard                         Tom Willett

                                                Ursula McIntyre                    D.T. Wells                             

                                                Jamie Kumar                         Russ Fendley

                                                Mary Singer


OTHERS PRESENT:              Julie Wash                             Bill Parker                             

                                                Gary Power                           Terri Wilkerson

                                                Sherri Nicholas                     Rand Marshall                      

                                                Robin Allen                           Kim Rice

                                               Jeff Crisp                               Jim Woodrum

                                               Megan Miller                          Lois Holmes

                                              Bronson Williams


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman Russ Fendley called the October meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

II.  READING OF THE MINUTES:  Russ asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes of the September Board meeting.  Sherri said that Robin Allen was in attendance at the September Board meeting and needed to be added.  A motion was made by Bob Leonard to approve the minutes with the addition.   Seconded by Ursula McIntyre.  The motion carried unanimously

III.  BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Julie reported that the balance on hand is $1,052,908.67. 

I,V.  BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Julie gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  Russ said he has had a request from Dan Adkins from the Georgetown News-Graphic to find out what condition the Pavilion is in after 15 years and what repairs will need to be done in the near future.  Russ asked Bill and Sherri to get with Mr. Adkins about his request.   A motion was made by Tom Willett to approve the bills.  Seconded by Ben VanMeter.  The motion carried unanimously.


  1. Pavilion / Program Report – Robin reported that the Pavilion program attendance for September was 4,396 and regular attendance was 10,365.  Monthly revenue was $55,607.35 and expenses were $67,709.45.  The Ed Davis Learning Center September attendance was 513.  Russ requested for next month a comparison of program attendance and regular attendance from this year and last year at the same time. 


  2. Maintenance Reports – Gary reported that they have removed the playground from the Center of Town and is in storage.  He said that it would probably go to Oxford Park next spring and perhaps one apparatus to go to Royal Spring Park. There is a new roof on the shelter at Great Crossing Park and it has been stained.  The Scott County Road Department helped with that project.  The Suffoletta shelter has been painted.  Royal Spring and Oxford Park shelters have been stained.  Russ asked Gary if he knew with the Road Department would be moving.  Gary said that he did not know.  Russ also asked if we are still utilizing the inmates and how that is working out.  Gary reported that we are still using them and sometimes Mike and his staff uses them.  It is working out well.  Sherri said that P & R will be responsible for the grounds keeping at COT until the first of the year.  That is when the City is looking to move forward with doing away with the building.

    Bill reported that the movie ad is set up to begin running, the snow plow is complete, and the Health Fair went well.  He is working on the end of the year projects and budget.  He is also working on KRPS Conference next month and he hopes to also use the inmates in the winter.  He told the Board that under Capital needs are two rooftop units, a pickup truck, and in two years replacing pool drains.


  3. Closed Session – A motion was made by Ben VanMeter to go into closed session to discuss Director position.  Seconded by Mary Singer.  The motion carried unanimously.

    Bob asked if the Board wanted to give the people in attendance a chance to speak.  The Board agreed.  Lois Holmes, Kim Rice, Bronson Williams, Terri Wilkerson, and Julie Wash spoke out in favor of Sherri Nicholas being hired to the Parks and Recreation Director.  They said that she truly cares about the Department, the Department is a team because of Sherri and her passion for her job, and that she is respected across the state.


    Bob Leonard passed out memorandum.  Discussion of candidate. 




    Discussion of candidate.


A motion was made by Jamie Kumar to come out of closed session.  Seconded by Erik Flaig.  The motion carried unanimously.

Russ Fendley reported that there was no action taken during closed session.


Jim Woodrum and Jeff Crisp came to the Board to discuss the possibility of the American Legion Baseball team utilizing a field at Brooking Park in the future at no charge.  They held tryouts last month and did not have enough participation to put together a team.  He said that they would have about 15 home games.  Bob Leonard said that the High School rents and pays for the field.  Jeff Crisp will be coaching the team.  The Board suggested him getting in touch with Coach Willard and Terry Hopkins with SCYB and discuss the schedule with them.  The Board said that if the scheduling can be worked out with SCYB and HS the Board wouldn’t have a problem with it.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by Mary Singer to adjourn.  Seconded by Jamie Kumar.