August 17, 2015

 MEMBERS PRESENT:         Erik Flaig                 Ben VanMeter
                                                Bob Leonard          Tom Willett
                                                Mary Singer           Ursula McIntyre
                                                D.T. Wells               Jamie Kumar

OTHERS PRESENT:              Rand Marshall        Robin Allen
                                               Bill Parker                Megan Miller
                                               Donna Brandenburg      Terri Wilkerson
                                               Gary Power             Sherri Nicholas


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Chair elect Ben VanMeter called the August meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

II.  READING OF THE MINUTES:  Ben asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes of the July Board meeting or the August 12 Special Meeting.  A motion was made by Tom Willett to approve the minutes of both meetings.  Seconded by Erik Flaig.  The motion carried unanimously.  Rand said that he had checked with Megan and Steve Barker, attorney for KLC, about paying Sherri for the Acting Director position back to when FMLA began for the Director.  Megan said it was common practice to do that and Mr. Barker said that it should not be done for just one person.  It should be done for all employees in the same situation.  It has been done in the past.  A motion was made by Bob Leonard to pay Sherri as Acting Director back to when FMLA began and to pay Robin as Acting Assistant Director back to the same time.  Seconded by D.T. Wells.  The motion carried unanimously.

III.  BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Donna reported that the balance on hand is $922,375.38. 

IV.  BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Donna gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  A motion was made by Erik Flaig to approve the bills.  Seconded by Bob Leonard.  The motion carried unanimously.


  1. Approve Surplus Bids – Donna reported that there was one bid for the vending machines.  It is from Dennis Frommeyer for all 5 machines for $200.00.  A motion was made by Mary Singer to accept the bid.  Seconded by Ursula McIntyre.  The motion carried unanimously.  Ben pointed out that the motion was made last month to surplus the machines contingent on working out the sales tax issue with Steve Sims, who contracts the vending now.  Donna reported that the issue was resolved with Steve agreeing to pay the sales tax himself.

  2. Athletic Committee Discussion – Bob Leonard said that he asked for this issue to be put on the agenda.  The Board was given a newspaper article where the school system has set up an athletic committee to discuss athletics at the new high school.  The article stated that they will focus on identifying all sports facilities in the county that are being or can be used by MS and HS teams.  They want to get a facilities audit that lists all Georgetown-Scott County Parks and Recreation, Georgetown College, and school fields and gyms.  Russ has been named to the committee also.  Bob thought that it was an inherent conflict of interest for Russ to be on the committee. 

  3. Program / Pavilion Update – Robin reported that the Pavilion program attendance for July was 5,029; regular attendance was 13,636.  The monthly income was $67,432.71 and expenses were $80,829.10.   The monthly recovery was 83%.  Sherri reported that July was a three pay month and that is why the expenses were higher. 
    Robin also reported that the attendance for the Ed Davis Learning Center in June was 1,185 and for July was 1,134.
    Terri Wilkerson reported that for July the attendance at SFAC was 12,165 with a daily average of 435.  Income for July was $50,167.00.  They were only closed three days in July and there have been 25 days this season that have been effected by the weather.  There have been 3,419 patrons so far in August. 

K.  Maintenance Reports – Gary reported there have been new lights put up at Oxford Park and they are still mowing and doing fields.

Bill said that his department is down on part time staff and the full timers are having to work some nights and weekends to take up the slack.  He reported that the inmates had done the landscaping outside along with his department.

The Supersharks came to the Board to request more lane space for their program.  They said that they were going to have to limit their participants.  They requested a meeting with the Board to discuss additional space.  Sherri asked Coach Josh to send the information and suggestions he has to her and Terri and they will look it over and set up a meeting.  A committee was formed that consisted of Erik Flaig, Ben VanMeter, and Jamie Kumar.  A motion was made by Erik Flaig for Josh to send the info to Sherri and then have Sherri set up a meeting with the Supersharks and the committee to discuss the lane space.  Seconded by Jamie Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.


Megan Miller came to inform the Board of how they hire full time employees.  They advertise the position nationally, she weeds through them, a panel is appointed to go over the ones that make it through, then they are narrowed down to four or five, and sent to the Mayor.  A motion was made by Erik Flaig for Megan to advertise the position for 30 days, weed them, appoint the panel, and bring Sherri plus the top three candidates to the Board.  Seconded by Bob Leonard.  The motion carried unanimously.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by Erik Flaig to adjourn.  Seconded by Tom Willett.