Special Meeting 8/12/15


MEMBERS PRESENT:             Russ Fendley                                      Tom Willett

                                                   Mary Singer                                       Bob Leonard

                                                  Jamie Kumar                                      Erik Flaig

                                                 Ursula McIntyre                                 D.T. Wells

                                                 Ben VanMeter


OTHERS PRESENT:               Sherri Nicholas                                  Rand Marshall

                                                Julie Wash                                          Robin Allen

                                                Bill Parker                                           Kayla Pickrell

 I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman Russ Fendley called the special meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

 A motion was made by Bob Leonard to go into executive session.  Seconded by Mary Singer.

 A motion was made by Erik Flaig to come out of executive session.  Seconded by Ben VanMeter.

 No action was taken in executive session.

 A motion was made by Mary Singer to accept the pool settlement contingent on the money being set aside by the City for use on the pool.  Seconded by Jamie Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by D.T. Wells that the in house application was neither accepted or rejected.  The in house applicant will be included in the final applicant pool and the position will be posted to outside applicants.  Seconded by Mary Singer.  The motion passed with Bob Leonard and Tom Willett voting no.

ADJOURNMENT:   A motion was made by Mary Singer to adjourn.