July 20, 2015


MEMBERS PRESENT:            Erik Flaig                            Ben VanMeter
                                                  Bob Leonard                     Tom Willett
                                                  Russ Fendley                    Ursula McIntyre
                                                  D.T. Wells                          Jamie Kumar

OTHERS PRESENT:                Rand Marshall                  Robin Allen
                                                 Bill Parker                          Jason Noffsinger
                                                 Donna Brandenburg        Gary Power
                                                 Sherri Nicholas


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman Russ Fendley called the July meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

II.  READING OF THE MINUTES:  Russ asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes of the June Board meeting.  Sherri asked that a change be made to the June minutes as follows:  Item C) stated that Sherri would be happy with the salary change from the time of Geri’s resignation.  Actually what she said was that she would not be opposed to the salary change from the time of Geri’s resignation.  A motion was made by Erik Flaig to approve the minutes with the correction.  Seconded by Ben VanMeter.  The motion carried unanimously.  The Board also asked that Rand check with another attorney about giving Sherri back pay for the position of Acting Director from the beginning of FMLA.

III.  BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Donna reported that the balance on hand is $330,904.58.  The balance at this time last year was $190,144.77.

IV.  BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Donna gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  Erik pointed out that SCGYS will pay for the additional restrooms from Kentucky Portable Toilets that were used for a softball tourney.  A motion was made by Ursula McIntyre to approve the bills.  Seconded by Bob Leonard.  The motion carried unanimously.

  1. News-Graphic Request – Sherri reported that Donnie Lemons has requested to put a Georgetown-News paper machine at SFAC.  The Board agreed to allow Mr. Lemons to put the paper machine at SFAC.  He will have to maintain the machine and if papers become scattered all over the grounds, it will need to be removed.  A motion was made by D.T. Wells to allow the paper machine at the outdoor pool.  Seconded by Jamie Kumar.  The motion carried with Tom Willett and Erik Flaig opposing.

  2. FY 2015-16 Budget – Sherri gave the Board a copy of the completed budget.  She said that the budget reflected one additional full time maintenance person which won’t be hired until after we find out about the Fair Labor Standards Act and how that will affect our budget.  Bob Leonard told the Board that Judge Lusby and Mayor Prather have agreed to raise the Director’s salary by $10,000 with the understanding that there will be no comp time for the position.  A motion was made by Erik Flaig to approve the budget.  Seconded by Bob Leonard.  The motion carried unanimously.

C.  Marketing – Sherri reported that the marketing committee has met and have been looking into some technological advertising as well as some free publicity opportunities.  We are planning an open hours in 2016 for the fifteen anniversary of the building being open.  They are also looking into a Customer Appreciation day where everyone can come in for free.  They are looking at doing some T.V. adds and some pass giveaways.

D.  Center of Town Discussion – Sherri told the Board that City Council have approved to tear down the Center of Town and build a City/County building to house the Building Inspector and the Electrical Inspector.

E.  Surplus Property – Donna reported that we have 5 vending machines that we are not using now that we have contracted out our vending services.  Three are from the Pavilion and two are from the Center of Town.  A motion was made by Bob Leonard to surplus the 5 vending machines and have the bids ready for opening at the next Board meeting.  Seconded by D.T. Wells.  The motion carried unanimously.

F.  Parks and Recreation Human Resources – Russ said he thought it would be a good idea to get a Human Resource professional to work with Parks and Recreation.  The Mayor has agreed to let Megan Miller, City Human Resource Manager, to this at no cost to P & R.  A motion was made by Bob Leonard to have Megan work with P & R.  Seconded by Tom Willett.  The motion carried unanimously.

G.  Director Search Process – Russ has met with Megan about the Director search and he would like to review the job description.  He said that the City gets a 5 person panel of citizens to do the initial review of applicants and narrows it down and then passes them along to the Mayor.  Those applicants are then interviewed.  Rand said that he had also spoken to Megan and it is their opinion to advertise inside and outside as well.  A motion was made by Bob Leonard to advertise internally for 5 days by August 1 and run through August 7.  Russ will then send the applicant information to the Board and a special meeting will be called.  Seconded by Tom Willett.  The motion carried unanimously.

H.  Scott County Youth Baseball – Jason Noffsinger, VP of SCYB, came to the Board to explain a situation that has come up.  The SCYB by laws state that no coach can form a select team until after all stars have been selected.  One coach did just that.  Russ stated that he has had 10 – 15 calls from upset parents.  The consequence of forming the select team before all stars are selected in being banned from the league for a period of one year.  The Board agreed that they would not step in and reverse the SCYB Board’s decision to ban the coach.

I.  Snack Machine Contract – Donna explained to the Board that the vending machine contract with Georgetown Snack Sales was signed for an initial period of three months, which is up on Thursday.  She said that there have been no problems with the contract so far except that Mr. Sims is charging P & R sales tax on the product sold from the machines.  Donna asked Rand to look into the charging of sales tax.  Rand reported that he had called Frankfort and found out that the owner and operator of the machine is responsible for the sales tax.  Donna will contact Mr. Sims and tell him about the Board’s concerns.  Tom made a motion to ask Mr. Sims to not charge P & R for sales tax and then sign the contract for a period of one year.  The motion also included that the vending machines not be surplused until finding out from Mr. Sims his intentions on the sales tax.  Seconded by Jamie Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.

J.  Program / Pavilion Update – Robin reported that the Pavilion program attendance for June was 5,608; regular attendance was 14,985.  The monthly income was $97,985.81 and expenses were $54,563.96.  There was also a report from SFAC.  They are averaging 500-600 patrons each day and have taken in over $62,000 for the month of June.

K.  Maintenance Reports – Gary reported that they are working on flooding issues.  There was not as much damage as they have expected.

Bill said that his department had moved the T.V.s, getting ready for shut down, have ordered the pool lift, and working on KRPS, which we are co-sponsoring in November in Lexington.


Russ informed the Board that there have been some incidents at SFAC.  Last Friday there were two arrests.  A patron was upset and wanted a $7 refund.  There has been some lewd behavior with peepers parking at the Victory Life Church and sitting in a vehicle with binoculars and watching the pool.  The police have talked to him and he keeps coming back.  Russ asked that we look into the cost to put slats in the chain link fence on that side of the pool.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by D.T. Wells to adjourn.  Seconded by Erik Flaig.